Home Removal Survey

Home Removal Survey

What is a Home Removal Survey?

Home Removal Survey is a process of assessing customer’s removal needs prior to offer a quotation. Removal Companies send their representatives to the customer’s house to make this assessment. The person who comes to you needs to see all the stuff you want to move and is also going to ask you some questions. All your home removal details, your preferences and wishes will be noted. Then most probably you will have to wait for a quotation a day or two. After that you will have the time to accept or reject the offer. It is a good idea to start this process earlier and book a quotation from a few removal companies. You can find them searching in Internet for removals in your local area. You can also use websites like CompareMyMove, BuzzMove or GetAMover. They will send your details to 6 different removal companies, which are going to contact you regarding the survey.

Why is it good to do a Home Removal Survey?

Why it may be good or necessary to do that? We can give you a few reasons. Moving a big house is one of them. Asking a removal company for additional services, like: packing, dismantling or disposal of unwanted furniture, is also a good one. Even having some very fragile or specialised equipment to transport can be a good reason to do that. Remember also that both: the survey and quotation, are free of charge, so you are not losing anything asking for them but gaining a lot. The removal company and you will have a better chance to prepare well for your removal. It can help them move your house smoothly and stress free for you. You will get a chance to meet face to face the representative of the company, so you can see how this person works and behaves. You can get your first good or bad impression. This impression will tell you whether or not you want to get involved in a deal with the company. You can also get some useful information and tips about packing your belongings and moving process. To get some knowledge about preparing for a home removal you can read also our Post: Home Removal – Useful Tips.

How to prepare for a Home Removal Survey?

First take a paper and note some basic information like: the new address and the date of the move. Then go from one room to another to check what you would like to take with you to the new home. Write it down, especially the big items like furniture or some equipment. Remember to check your garden, basement, loft or garage if you have them. Check also other, not so often used places. Then think about all additional tasks you would like a removal company to do for you, like packing or dismantling and write them down as well. Prepare also some questions for them. If you have a pet think how you want to transport it to the new house. Remember that removal companies are not going to transport any potentially dangerous items, like: gasoline, oxygen bottles or fireworks, etc. So, if you have any doubts about anything that you would like to take with you, note them to ask during the survey.

What will happen during the Survey?

First a removal company’s representative will ask you all those details about your move: where, when and what you would like them to transport for you. The list that you have prepared earlier will help you go through the survey smoother. You will have to go together around the house to show that person all your stuff. You will also discuss the whole removal process. Remember to tell about all your expectations and needs. You can also ask for some advice for packing and organising your removal task. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s very important to know how to prepare yourself for this task. Discuss everything that you would like to know. The company’s representative will note all your requirements and needs.

They may fill a ready form like this one –

Most probably they won’t give you the quotation strait away as they need some time to analyse your home move.

What will happen after your Home Removal Survey?

After the survey the company will have to estimate the cost of your removal job to give you the quotation. They need to assess the size and kind of vehicle and how many of them they may need for this task. They also need to think about suitable manpower for this job. The company’s representative is going to calculate necessary fuel and time as well as any other additional costs. After that you will receive the quotation on your email. The quotation should show what is included in it. If the price seems to be too big for you, you can still negotiate it. You can also resign from some additional tasks to get the price that you are ready to accept. The other thing that you can do is to compare it with a few quotations from different removal companies.

Time to make a decision

Now is the time to make a decision and start your home removal process. Remember, sometimes the cheapest option doesn’t mean the best one! Trust your judgment. The companies were assessing your home removal, but you were assessing them as well. Choose the one that seems to be the most trustworthy and professional and offers services within your budget. Best of Luck from Nomad Removals Limited!

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