Domestic Moving Services for your Home

Nomad Removals Limited specialises in planning Home Domestic Moving Services. Our aim is to make things uncomplicated and stress free for you. We work well even with short notice availability. We are good with moving houses of any size. Our drivers are happy to take long distances Removals. We also offer affordable rates. So, if you need any domestic home moving services please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our moving services contain few stages:
First, before the move, we’ll visit you at home to discuss all your needs. We will offer you a detailed and fixed price quote. This quotation is free of charge and will be ready the same or next day. Your quotation is going to be valid for 30 days so you can take your time to make a decision.

Second stage of our moving services is getting ready to move. On the day of the move or before if necessary, our team will come to get your belongings ready. We will come with lifting equipment, caring clothing and stuffing materials. We will do all packing and dismantling for you if you ask for these services. Our team is very professional so your goods will be safe in our hands.

Third stage is loading and moving to the new location. When your belongings are securely packed, we will transport them to your new home. It can happen the same or the next day it depends on how many items you are moving.

Fourth stage of our moving services is unloading and taking your goods to your new property. We will also help you with reassembling of your furniture, if this is your wish. Nomad Removals Limited is happy to offer you all services that you may require for your home move.

So, no matter what is the size of property you are moving out of or into, just call us and book our free quotation!!!

Read also about our International Removals if you are planning to move to another country in Europe and our Terms & Conditions to know more about our Procedures.

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